Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Running Broken. Being Whole.

(A road in the woods)

            The knee is really coming along well. It has now been just over a month. According to the Doctor I am allowed to start jogging after 6 weeks. That’s only 11 more days! But who’s counting? Right now is the hardest time for recovery because the pain is nearly completely gone, I am moving around normally (without a brace), and it is feeling stronger. But I know right now it is very important that I let my leg heal completely or else I will just set myself back and be out even longer. I can wait another 11 days.
            In my last blog I told you I might share a poem with you and yes, I am going to honor my word…yikes! Levi and I went hunting this weekend. I was able to do a decent amount of hiking Saturday and a little Sunday but it started raining around 11 a.m. Sunday and the slippery jungle terrain would be a bit risky for my knee, plus it was feeling a little sore so I decided to wait in the truck while Levi struck out through the woods in search of food.
            While sitting in the truck I must have been bored because I had the urge to write. I had a pen but no paper…Luckily we had picked up some food at Safeway so I had the receipt. I used the back of it and wrote a couple funny little poems for Levi (no you do not get to hear those) and then one regarding my injury. Enjoy and be kind.
(The original form of my poem, written on the back of a Safeway receipt.)

(11/11/12)        Running Broken Being Whole
                        Winter, cold and dreary in the Pacific Northwest,
                        Has caused me to miss something I like the best.
                        Riding my bike in the pouring rain,
                        I slipped and instantly felt a great deal of pain.
                        Crashing to the pavement,
                        My knee just went.
                        A sudden, “POP!”
                        It gave me quite a shock.
                        I knew right away something was wrong,
                        Already bruised and swollen, that didn’t take long.
                        I couldn’t control the tears as they started to flow.
                        Not for the pain, but as to what I did know.
                        My season was done.
                        I could not run.
                        Frustrated, I had just started my next training block,
                        And was excited to see the fast numbers on the clock.
                        But those times will come at a later date,       
                        When my knee is healed and ready to bear weight.
                        The MRI came without much surprise as the Doctor reads, “MCL torn.”
                        I listen and sigh.
                        Six weeks of rehab and rest.
                        This will definitely be a test.
                        For the girl who is always so eager to put in the miles.
                        But that’s what life is, full of tribulations and trials.
                        I am quite lucky all is needed is rest.
                        No surgery required and for that I am blessed.
                        I was pretty sad and worried at first,
                        But my life continues on, no better no worse.
                        Running does not define me
                        And this you will see,
                        It is a hobby, not my whole life.
                        I am not just a runner but Believer, Sister, Coach, Friend and Wife.
                        My life is so full, I cannot begin to list
                        All the blessings I have, but you get the jist.
                        My happiness is not due to the world with its riches and wealth,
                        But The One who game me all of my gifts including my health.
                        God is The One,
                        He gave us His Son,
                        To die on the cross
                        And for this I am not lost.
                        Jesus Christ is my Savior, he makes life worth living,
                        Good knee, bad knee, sins and all He is so forgiving.
                        And this is the answer why I am so optimistic,
                        As I hear, “Lois, you can’t run, why aren’t you going ballistic?”
                        I put my hope, trust and faith in Him who is risen,
                        And His will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.