Saturday, March 21, 2015

Packing on the Pounds

(With Lily Photo Courtesy Ryan MacDicken)

I’ve had trouble finding the time to get my latest blog up. Chasing my little girl around is exhausting and when she naps that’s usually when I try to catch up on everything else (housework, emails, etc.) or sleep but it’s 10:30pm, we got back from the Club Northwest Annual Meeting a half hour ago, she’s in bed and I’m amazingly not feeling sleepy yet, and I have a tub of Tillamook Grandma’s Cake Batter in front of me so what better time to get you up to speed.
                I’m going to rewind a bit to the month of February and have you take a guess as to how many miles I ran that month? Give up. Zero. Yep. Zero. I also put on 10 pounds. You may be thinking I should back away from the tub of ice cream but right now it’s helping me not feel nauseous. I’m hungry all the time and don’t make the healthiest of choices during these moments. But everything in moderation right?
                I think you may be a little confused or know where I am going with this. In January I took a pregnancy test and it was positive. The second addition to our family is due September 20th. At the end of January I had a day where I was feeling really gung-ho and ran to the track with Levi and Lily and did some sprints, plyometrics, jumps, etc. The next day I noticed some spotting. There was one other thing I did that day but you’re not my Doctor and I don’t want to be too personal. ;) It spotting wasn’t much and was dark in color. I emailed my midwives and was surprised to hear back from them that evening as it was a weekend. They did not seem concerned and gave me the option of coming in. I decided I would be fine but the next day I asked them about my RH status. I am RH negative and during pregnancy you typically need a Rhogam shot in case there is any of your and the baby’s blood mixing, which can happen during childbirth, miscarriages, etc. Levi is RH positive. If my baby is positive and our blood was to mix, my body would produce antigens against the baby’s, viewing it as a foreign invader in my body. When I mentioned this, my midwives changed their minds and had me come in to get a shot. They also had me do an early ultrasound (7 weeks) to see if the baby was ok and where the bleeding was coming from.
(Practicing to be a big sister)
The ultrasound technician found the baby quickly and I saw the little heart beating. What a relief. She also saw that I had a slight bleed in my cervix. Everything checked out ok. To be on the safe side one of the midwives told me to stay away from impact activity. No running, no weight lifting until my next appointment which was a month away. I agreed. Now they didn’t tell me no exercise but having the two main things I do cut I found myself pretty much doing nothing. Well I guess if you call walking with Lily to the park something, and caring for a toddler, then there’s that.
I honestly don’t know how much exercise I would have done even if I had been cleared. It’s March and I was cleared to resume my normal exercise activities but I am struggling. This pregnancy is so different from my first. My first was a breeze in comparison. I didn’t have any nausea but this time I feel sick 24/7. I had one day where I threw up 8 times (5 of those were in one hour). Luckily I have only had one day that bad. I am through the first trimester and I think things are getting a little better. I know only feel nauseous in the evening on. Hopefully that will go away too.
Food is the one thing that helps with the nausea. This may seem weird because most don’t feel hungry when sick. I am hungry all the time. It is getting better now but up until about a week ago I would eat breakfast then an hour or so later feel so hungry I would get sick and feel faint and have to eat again. This would go on all day. The things that worked the best for my nausea and hunger were French fries, salty foods, carbs, basically anything that you wouldn’t deem the healthiest choice. I still ate my vegetables and healthy foods but I also ate a lot of everything else.
All the hunger probably didn’t help with my showing right away. There is no hiding this pregnancy. At 6 weeks a friend saw me and knew I was pregnant and I was wearing a baggy shirt. At three months I don’t fit in any of my regular clothes. I look about 2-3 months farther along, as compared with my first pregnancy, than I am. At the meeting tonight I walked in the door carrying Lily, a diaper bag, her portable high chair, and wearing a very loose long sweater dress and immediately upon walking in the door my friend noticed. I’m wondering how big this belly will get? Hopefully this growth slows down or I may not be able to walk soon, lol.
With my first pregnancy I was able to get out and run, almost every day in the beginning.  I am so exhausted this time I struggle to get the motivation. I am sure some of it has to do with having another child to care for but either way I think I am more tired. I am sure six months from now I will be looking back thinking, “I didn’t know what tired was!” When I’m caring for a newborn and a toddler but I’ll cross that bridge when I get there.
(Lilyana patting the baby)
Lilyana is 19 months old today and she has been doing great so far. She pats my belly and gives the baby kisses. She likes to say “Sister!” to tell me she is going to be a big sister. She’s really good around other babies and always tries to kiss and hug them. I think she is going to be a good big sister. She has started potty training and I am hopeful that by the time the next baby comes she will be out of diapers, or a lot closer to it!
I’m not sure what will be in store for me post baby #2. 2016 is an Olympic Year but I’m really not sure how training will be with a toddler and an infant. I will take things a day at a time. If things are going well in training, great, then I might have another run at the Trials but if it’s too much for my plate I am perfectly content with my role as a Mother. My number one priority is my family and I trust God to help guide me in the direction He sees fit.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Lily Meets Her Great Grandpa

(Four Generations)
I’m a bit behind in keeping up with my blog, I apologize. I will try to get you up to speed in the next two blogs. I haven’t done any races recently so this blog is going to be about my adventure to Florida with Lilyana.
                In February my Mom, Lilyana, and I bravely got on a nonstop 6 hour flight from Seattle, WA to Palm Harbor, FL to visit my Grandpa who had never met his Great Granddaughter Lilyana. He is my only Grandparent left so getting Lily out to meet him was important. He will be turning 95 this year. The flight there left at 8:30am and surprisingly wasn’t too bad with Lily. Sure she didn’t want to sit still much and only took a 20 minute nap but with the help of lots of snacks and a tablet to entertain her we did well. I am not one to let her play with electronics but I figured busting out a new “toy” on a 6 hour flight would be a good idea. Before leaving I downloaded a bunch of toddler apps which turned out to be pretty enjoyable for her. One thing that definitely helped is the tailwind. We were in the air for just over 4 hours and got off the plane one hour ahead of schedule. I was pumped.

(Lily's very brief nap on the flight)
                The hardest part was probably carrying Lily and her big car seat through the airport to get to the taxis. I’m glad I chose to rent a crib from a company in Tampa so I didn’t have a Pack ‘n Play to haul around as well. Lily screamed a bit in the taxi as she didn’t want to be back in a seat but the drive wasn’t long and we were soon at my Grandpa’s door. Like Lily, I too had never been to FL so this was a nice time to visit. They were having a bit of a “cold spell” but for me coming from the Pacific Northwest the 60s and low 70s felt just fine. It took a bit of adjusting to the three hour time difference but by the time we left Lily was just about on Florida schedule which made for an interesting flight home.
(Great piece of baby gear. The high chair fit in my carry on.)
                Our trip was pretty low key. We spent time visiting my Grandfather and most days my mom, Lily, and I would venture to a park or local beach for Lily to explore and taste the sand, much to my dismay.  She loved trying to catch and kiss the seagulls. Unfortunately for her, they were too fast. I really wanted to see an alligator out in the wild but never saw one. I think it was too cold for them. There was one in the pond near my Grandpa’s house that the neighbors warned us about but he never made an appearance for me. My mom and I did have a little scare while walking on a very overgrown path at a local park. I was pushing Lily in the stroller and the wheels went over a big frond which flipped up into the bushes. My mom walking behind me gave a little yell which scared me half to death. We all stopped and I frantically looked around asking what she saw. We finally figured out it was the plant I ran over. lol
(Trying to catch the Seagull to give it a kiss!)

(Always a fan of the swing)
(Sliding with Mom)
                We stayed with my Grandpa for 6 days. Friday evening we caught a 6:30pm flight. Unfortunately for us, there is a headwind on the way back which caused us to be in the air just over 6 hours. I thought for sure Lily would sleep as it was her bed time during the flight but she fought it nearly the entire flight. I think she squeezed in a 20 minute nap. It was quite exhausting as she did not want to sit still and constantly fought my Mom and my attempts to keep her entertained. I let her walk the aisles but she would get furious with me when I wouldn’t let her walk into first class. I decided to stop the aisle walking as I was worried about disturbing the other passengers.
                When we landed in Seattle we had a bit of a delay getting my car seat which ended up on a different carousel than we were told but that was probably our fault as I think they changed the carousel last minute but we didn’t recheck until waiting over 30 minutes.
                It felt great to be home but the trip was well worth it. If you are doing a short trip (less than 3 days) with a toddler on a long flight I wouldn’t think it is worth it, unless you have a pretty chill toddler who can sit for 6 hours straight, but being there about a week made the flights worth it. It was great getting to be at the ocean with my feet in the water in February! 
(Enjoying a nice warm day at the beach)

(Lily likes sand)